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Not tested on animals!
Vegan only products!
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We would like to welcome you to our colorful cosmetics brand, "Paint FX
Cosmetics". We are very excited to publicly launch our website! Currently, we only
carry eyeshadows, but more products are soon to come for that beautiful canvas
of yours! 21 BOLD, oil-infused shades are showcased for you to snag up and give
a whirl! We are so excited and confident you will fall in love with Paint FX. Wait...did
we say OIL-INFUSED?  We sure did. This is not your typical cosmetics brand, but
rather, we revolve around art...and no artist is the same, right? Of course not!
We're pulling the plug on the norm and launching a full-on rebellious taste of
cosmetics that will leave you feeling like the true artist you ARE! Start off with these
beauts! Read
here for a more detailed look at these wonders of the world!
Spread the word!
We would be honored to see that gorgeous look on your perferred
social media site. Tag yourself via Instagram! Shoot us a review on
YouTube! Be honest--we
WILL listen to your thoughts, comments
and concerns! Like & Follow us on
Facebook and Instagram!

For 5 days we will be taking $1.00 off of EVERY Shaker Shadow! Instead of paying the full
price of $6.95, the price has reduced to $5.95! Or better yet, purchase all 21 eyeshadows
$119.95 + Free Shipping, instead of the original price of $145.95!

Still can't decide? For this 5 day sale period we are
TEMPORARILY adding 3 Gram Jar
Samples for ONLY $2.50 each!!
sale has ended. Orders over $25.00 will receive free shipping.*